Reverse Web Application Firewall

Hosting companies and Cloud providers select Blaick’s revolutionary Reverse Web Application Firewall (RWAF) to achieve regulatory compliance and protect the end users from online threats and malicious content. Delivered as a reverse web proxy along with proven open source workhorses like Nginx and Apache, RWAF utilizes unique proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to timely¬† detect and prevent cyber crime distributed by the company’s web servers.

Blaick Secure Web Gateway

Blaick’ Secure Web Gateway (BSWG) implements innovative AI-based real-time threats detection combined with cloud-based Secure Sandbox. BSWG scans all URLs your employees attempt to access, while making fast yet sophisticated decisions whether the access should be granted or denied. BSWG’s always-on protection keeps your organization always safe, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. BSWG is a software-only product and can be deployed either in the Cloud or on-premises.

Ads Security

We offer real-time scanning and blocking of malicious and improper ad traffic, including Malware, Auto-Redirects, Phishing, Scam and adult content.

We work with digital Publishers and Ad Platforms all over the world, helping them to select only quality ads, thus keeping their customers safe and secure. Customers have full control what ads they allow and what content should be blocked, and they can change it according to the dynamics of their branding policy.