Ads Quality Validation for AdTech Platforms

If you are directly approaching Premium Publishers worldwide, then you must hear the Ad Quality questions more and more often: “Can you guarantee me only clean ads?”. Premium Publishers, as well as your Premium Supply Partners such as SSPs and AdExchanges, demand only quality ads for their digital inventories.  How AdTech enterprises, involved in the Programmatic Buying, can achieve that on a mass scale, while filling in millions and even billions of impression, and yet keep the associated costs within the budget?

Here’s where Blaick comes to help. Our state-of-the-art AI-based technology scans hundreds of millions of ads a day, classifying each ad according to hundreds of content categories, thus allowing you to select only ads that are acceptable by your Premium Publishers and your Supply Partners while filtering out malvertising, auto-redirects, pornography and other improper content as per your sole decision.

Tying better matching ads to inventories, betters campaigns outcome and will position you not only as a credible provider but as an optimal route to increase your partners’ ROI.  A definite path to increase your revenue stream.


Blaick’s solution is first of all about the safety and the quality of your offering. But look, there is much more! We actually save you money, so you see immediate ROI:

  • We help you send your Supply only quality ads, so you are never blocked by DFP or other AdServer, or by a Supply-side scanner. You win more impression opportunities, and your fill rate goes up with Blaick! It’s as good as gold.
  • Losing a Premium Supply Partner or a Publisher due to an improper ad with attacking malware is serious damage both to your revenue and to your brand. Avoid exposing your business to legal actions from your partners, organizations, and governments. Save your legal costs, your time and brand reputation – get Blaick now!

Here is the full list of supported categories


Blaick offers multiple APIs for easy integration with your Platform, ranging
from simple and flexible HTTP APIs to more sophisticated APIs that are specifically designed to validate vast amounts of daily campaigns while
keeping the associated costs under control. Our patent-pending RT API adds
zero-latency validations to RTB auctions and waterfalls.