Ads Quality Validation for Online Publishers

Blaick offers a hassle-free solution which requires you adding just 1 line of code to your website to protect yourself!

The rest happens auto-magically.

Our system checks your ads just before they are displayed to the end user and blocks improper advertising content as per your definition. You have full control what ads you allow and what content should be blocked, and you can change it according to the dynamics of your branding policy, e.g., by either allowing or disallowing Cryptocurrency advertising on your websites.

The best part is that with Blaick you earn more!

We keep your users on your websites by making sure they are exposed to the most relevant ads. With Blaick your users are simply happier, their stickiness to your brand increases and their LTV goes up.

Protect your brand and your users from online threats and improper content!

Here is the full list of supported categories

The continuing growth of programmatic advertising has developed a legion of skilled professional fraudsters that stand behind increasingly savvy scams and cybercrime. Malware, scams like Tech Support fraud and millions of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP)  pay well to be promoted online and installed on the computers and mobile phones, and the amount of digital threats and ads with improper content is more than doubled year by year.

Unfortunately, the broad adoption of Header Bidding by publishers does not address problems associated with Ad Quality, since all the Demand Partners a publisher connects with their Header Bidding auctions are in turn the players within the Programmatic AdTech ecosystem. These players sell inventories to their demand partners, who in turn sell them to their partners, and so on. It is very easy to an experienced ads fraudster to hide his bad ads in such a complicated ecosystem where a machine is buying real-time impressions from another machine which buys them from yet another machine, while making all the buying and selling decisions in a matter of milliseconds, and with zero content validations.

To guarantee your brand’s value and safeguard your users from bad ads you need a partner who can keep a consistently high quality of your programmatic advertising. Chat with us if you have any questions.