Blaick Secure Web Gateway: Protect Your Users, Keep Your Organization Safe

Protect your organization from online threats, cyber-crime, malicious and illegal content

Blaick Secure Web Gateway (BSWG) combines a cloud-based Secure Sandbox with local Real-Time Database (RTDB) while checking URLs categories and domains reputation. BSWG Secure Sandbox actively validates any unknown URL, and periodically re-validates the classified ones, thus keeping your organization always safe and protected. BSWG deploys proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology for early threats detection and precise classification of malicious and illegal content, including:

  • Tech Support Fraud
  • Malware, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware and Viruses Distributions
  • Phishing and Scam
  • Child pornography, terror-supportive and other illegal content

Here is the full list of supported categories

Prevent zero-day attacks

BSWG AI technology detects and blocks zero-day attacks automatically, without human intervention, thus acting multiple times faster than any legacy firewall or gateway which uses third-party URLs blacklists. BSGW typically detects new threats days before any legacy system flags them.

COPA compliance and kids protection

BSWG helps educational institutions like schools to enforce their COPA compliance, while protecting their students from inappropriate content and online threats. BSWG can be configured to either automatically block the student’s access to an incompliant web resource or, alternatively, it can grant the access to the resource while alerting the administrators about such an event.

Control and Visibility at your Fingertips

BSWG is an easy-to-use high-performing web security solution which gives organizations full control on their web traffic. Optionally, as per the organization’s decision, BSWG could be equipped with the organizational SSL certificate for HTTPS termination. HTTPS termination helps the organization to scan the encrypted traffic, which otherwise can’t be accessed.

BSWG SSL termination is aligned with the popular practice adopted by many organizations to always decrypt and inspect their incoming and outgoing traffic, while scanning it for threats, malicious behavior and data leaks. BSWG can be configured to bypass sensitive communications, e.g. banking, healthcare and personal messaging. By inspecting both unencrypted and, optionally, the encrypted traffic, BSWG enforces enterprise’ security policies while ensuring the regulatory compliance and privacy protection.

Security Policies

BSWG is designed as a tool for enterprise security policies enforcement and maintenance. BSWG allows an organization to define multiple sets of granular protection rules, thus defining strict enterprise security policies for content inspections and threats prevention.

BSWG runs proprietary AI-technology, classifying web content into tens of different categories, with primary focus on malicious content and threats detection. The list of supported categories includes topics like narcotic drugs, firearms, adult content, scam and more. BSWG can optionally be used for prevention or limiting traffic to social networks, online marketplaces, gambling and Forex web sites. By blocking the access to malicious and improper web sites, BSWG increases employees’ productivity while reducing the security risks.