Revenue Recovery Service for Online Publishers

What is Lost Revenue?

Millions of ads and their related revenues are lost due to multiple reasons, and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Ads can’t load, no impression
  • Ads loading is too long, impression is below the fold – not counted
  • Ads hijacking & redirects -> visitors stealing, impressions fraud
  • Site hijacking (e.g. via a compromised CMS plugin) & redirects -> visitors stealing, impressions fraud
  • Site technical issues: broken ads, broken pages

Blaick Solution

  • Fully automated AI-based site monitoring 24×7
  • Seeing the site like a human being
  • Validating that all ads units are properly displayed
  • Detecting Javascript errors on pages
  • Detecting auto-redirects
  • Detecting pages that can’t properly load, dead links
  • Timely alerts and reports

How Much Money Can Be Recovered?

Depending on the number of pages with ads on a web site, and on how dynamic is content there, the revenue increase can be between 3% and 35%.

In certain cases, e.g. a CMS / plugins updates up to 100% of revenues can be lost until discovered by a human being. It can be recovered completely.