Reverse Web Application Firewall: Save Your Abuse Handling Costs

Stop Losing Money. Stop Cyber Crime.

  • Save abuse complaints handling costs
  • Avoid brand reputation damage
  • Enforce regulation compliance
  • Avoid police investigations of your servers and your users accounts
  • Reduce the risk of legal exposure

Cyber criminals deliver malware, design phishing attacks, host child pornography or other illegal web sites in your Data Centers or cloud? The regulation is tough, and investigators frequently request an access to your system?

Blaick can help! Our AI detects and blocks cyber crime and online threats, while filtering out malicious, illegal and improper online content before it is delivered to the end users.

Blaick next generation AI-powered Reverse Web Application Firewall ™ (RWAF) detects and blocks on your behalf in real time:

  • Tech Support Fraud
  • Malware Distributions
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Scam
  • Child pornography and other illegal content
  • the full list of supported categories

Here is the full list of supported categories

Cyber Crime already caused $7.5B FBI-reported losses (US only), while showing 100% Y2Y growth in 2018. As regulators are hardening their positions about consumer privacy and protection, your company could soon be held responsible for not stopping any Internet crime unwittingly being hosted on your servers.

Blaick RWAF™ is a revolutionary web traffic verification system which uses our proven AI technology to protect your company and your Internet users from harmful content. According to your definitions, RWAF™ automatically classifies and blocks cyber crime and online threats coming from your hosted websites. All you have to do is define your protection rules.

Blaick RWAF™ offers:

  • Rules-based traffic filtering on demand: end-users are not exposed to bad websites
  • Powerful AI-based content classification technology
  • Allows you to define precise protection rules using tens of supported categories and special filters
  • Analyzes texts, links, images and videos at multiple levels of security checks
  • Detects totally new and previously unknown threats and malicious content
  • Easy scale up with load balancing and clustering
  • Virtual appliance or an easy software-only installation on any standard hardware / VM
  • Could be installed in cloud, on premises, or hybrid
  • No integration required